ISO Services takes pride in applying systems designed to achieve maximum unit efficiency. That’s why we have developed a variety of insulating techniques. Horizontal and Vertical panel systems are fastened in different manners, making each method more effective through different thermal ranges.


Horizontal Panels

Horizontal tank panels are connected to the tank in a manner eliminating direct metallic contact between the tank surface and the outer shell, reducing the possibility of condensation, making horizontal panels more suitable for Cold / Refrigerated applications. Horizontal panels are manufactured using 4’ x 8’ insulation bonded to 0.032 aluminum exterior metal, then fastened to the tank using matching 3” wide bands and preloaded spring tension devices.

Standard Insulation Materials: Isocyanurate \ Fiberglass \ Mineral Wool

Mississippi Tank

Vertical Panels

Vertical Panels are recommended for all types of heated tanks. The insulation is bonded to panels up to 48’ in length. Panels may be made from 24 ga galvalume, .024 or .032 Aluminum, or 304SS. These high strength panels resist oil canning even during windy conditions. Our unique Snaplock design allows for easy access in the event tank maintenance is required.

Standard Insulation Materials: Isocyanurate\ Fiberglass \ Mineral Wool